New Years Celebration with Art, Dance, Completed Route, Now NO Time to Lose, SWITCH Time! Thanks Mr. Bulldog (Chris Bryant Videos)

Celebrated the New Years with some Sweet Soca Music. I love colors and decorated up a dress because I could not find a colorful dress in the store, I kind of get last minute with things and would normally order online. Crunch time… two nights before created my dress. Family emergency and then went to work, then partied hard in my personalized, one of a kind dress.


I have received some tough, tough news. I passed ROUTE! Crunch time. Passed Route, have to Pass Switch ASAP in order to get something out of the fact that I passed route. I never wanted success in an educational endeavor as bad as this crunch time. I have some stories about a Full Sail Math Entry Exam for Game Development Degree. I could tell you about later too.

Funny thing, I did not believe i was going to pass when I went in. I was also wearing the same dress I wore when I passed my CCNA.

Big hint for labs.

copy [tab] run [tab] start [tab]

metric 1 1 1 1


Congratulations to me! Yay, I passed. Same say, must begin studying Switch. No breaks allowed.


On my way, I picked up these:

mist locationmist wifi

And Before that I picked up this:


I was working on JNCIA, I love Juniper, but I need to stay focused on my goal. I need to get my Cisco Tiara.

Cisco Certified Networking Princess.

and then

Cisco Certified Networking Empress 

Okay I need to stop playing around and here is my study journey for switch so far!

Now I will drop my study notes for switch…… It is a mess but it’s literally copy paste of my notes.


When you change the default Template you must reload. Switch will tell you so make sure you do it or you will see desktop or what was previously there.

sdm prefer vlan

then have to reload

if you do show sdm prefer it will be with the old one

Must reload


Leave auto-negotiation alone.



Fast Link Pulses


DTP should be disabled for security reasons.

Unconditional trunking mode and then turn dtp off


ports in auto encap mode can’t be configured to trunk mode, show int trunk port negotiate, if make trunk port, unconditional trunk port, gotta make it negotiate.


do not debug ip packet if on busy network



you do not want jitter.

can be 802.111q or access


portfast automatically enabled



vtp modes

server mode – create delete modify

client – can not configure vtp vlan in client mode

transparent – not participating in vtp domain, not sync vtp database and do not advertise their own, locally significant

off – antimode, disabling vtp on switch.


Configuration revision number, latest revision and not rewriting from older

Ignores older revision.

Can’t just reboot, if you going to do it, set to zero if you add a new one to it.



VTP Pruning

Trunk ports are members of all our vlans

broadcast, multicasts, and unknown unicasts

overhead on each



identify loop free path, chose best path for use block ports for less desired unblock necessary for next best

first thing switch look at on frame, source mac address

how it builds mac address table.



root port in forwarding

alternate in blocking

you will know you are on root

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-05 at 3.07.10 PMroot


Path Cost

Physical shortest path is not always logically the shortest path. Look at Links


Load Balancing Per VLAN basis

cost command is all or nothing

change cost for some vlans and leave alone for others?



Blocking, Listening, Learning, Disabled, Forwarding



Uplink fast only on access level switches

backbone fast helps network recover from indirect linkfast


Reviewing STP again because it made me nervous.


Portfast allows a port running STP to go directly from blocking mode to forwarding mode.

spanning portfast or spanning portfast disable

Portfast should only be enabled to ports connected to a single host.

Uplinkfast– port goes through blocking to forwarding transition without delay

Uplinkfast only on access layer switches.

spanning uplinkfast

backbonefast – cisco proprietary, used for network to recover indirect link failures, skips max age stage which cuts the delay

root guard – configured at port level and disqualifies any switch downstream from port becoming primary or secondary root

BPDU Guard – takes rootguard 1 step forward. when any bpdu comes in, error disabled state. shut port down

UDLD – BPDU may not arrive at their destination because of a unidirectional link where sw1 can send to sw2 but can’t send bpdu back over the same conenciton. UDLD enabled port sends a frame across the link every 15 seconds by default.

RSTP – rapid spanning tree protocol. an extension of 802.1d defined by ieee 802.1w

alt – alerternate port, on shared segment.

difference between stp and rstp port states

– blocking
– listening
– learning
– forwarding

 – discarding
– learning
– forwarding

Edge Ports and Point to Point Port

STP – Half Duplex are shared ports

RSTP Edge port – spanning tree port fast
BPDU on edge port demoted to regular RSTP port

spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst

p2p is point ot point

p2p peer stp is running regular stp


PVST+ – per vlan spanning tree version (cisco proprietary) not extra work for cpu

requires isl trunking

dot1q is trunking protocol using a common interface of STP for all vlans. MST allows us to reduce the number of STP instances without knocking it all the way back to 1

MST was designed for enterprise networks. map multiple vlans to lesser number of stp instances.

logically deciding switches into region. agree on mst config name, revision number, vlan mapping table

cst covers entire network, mst is subset of network. ist instance that is responsible for keeping everything inside loop free

must be in mst config mode to see “show pending”



Etherchannel – logical bundling of two to eight parallel links running between two switches. aggregation. use more of our available bandwidth and avoid 50-second delay that max age and forward delay timers

STP considers etherchannel to be a single link regardless of how many physical links there are.



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