EIGRP Path Preference and Load Balancing

Bandwidth and Delay

Metric Value – bandwidth, load, delay, reliability, mtu

default is bandwidth and delay


config t

ip route name default-route

show run | i  0.0.0

router eigrp

red static


sh ip eigrp topo

(all paths even if not showed in routing table)

Feasible successor is a path whos reported distance is less than the feasible distance and it is considered a backup route. Eigrp will keep up to six feasible successors in the topology table. Only the one with the best metric the successor is placed in the routing table.

Equal cost load balancing and unequal cost load balancing

EIGRP provides a mechanism to laod balance over unequal cost paths through varience command. Varience is a number 1 to 128 multiplied by the local bes tmetric then includes the routes with the lessor or equal metric. The default varience value is 1 which means equal-cost load balancing


router eigrp1

no passive-interface f1/1

router eigrp 1

no auto-summary

passive-itnerface default

no passive-interface f0/1

eigrp stub

sh ip eigrp nei




suppressing queries


without license advance routing, it could cause issues




ipv6 unicast-routing

ipv6 router eigrp 1

(define router id)

eigrp router-id


do that on the other devices too


show ipv6 eigrp inter


make template, copy paste





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