The Cable Table (CRAM Notes)

 Common Name  Speed  Standard  Cable Type, Max Length
 Ethernet  10 MBPS  10Base-T  Copper, 100m
 Fast Ethernet 100 MBPS  100Base-T  Copper, 100m
 Gigabit Ethernet 1000 MBPS 1000Base-LX Fiber, 5000m
 Gigabit Ethernet 1000 MBPS 10000Base-T Copper, 100m
 10 Gig Ethernet 10 GBPS 10GBase-T Coppper, 100m
40 Gig Ethernet 40 GBPS 40GBase-LR4 Fiber, 10000m

show controllers to check  the type or health of cables

Modern Cisco Switches support auto-mdix which allows you not to worry so much about the cables connecting the devices. But for the test you have to know this:

straight-through – unlike devices

crossover – for like devices

UTP – unshielded twisted pair is common.

DTE – data terminal equipment.

DCE – data communications equipment.



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