The Final Stretch / My Test Experience

The day before my exam, I did a packet tracer lab. This helped me so much to reinforce the knowledge for the exam. The “Best cram sheet” pdf from my last post also was a major help.

L3 diagramphysical diagram


I configured this on Packet Tracer and it felt like supercharging my confidence in taking the exam.

Here is what I can say about the exam:

They are super tricky with the wording, so read every word.

Sometimes there are multiple answers that sound correct, and a process of elimination is  a required method.

There are some configuration questions, don’t waste your time double and triple checking you will waste your time. It is a timed test.

Don’t second guess yourself.

And the obvious and most forgotten: Get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast, don’t stress, focus. And if you eat chocolate to calm your nerves…

Don’t take the pic with chocolate in your mouth. The pic will haunt you!!!!




It was worth the pass though!



Oh and this is nifty



So here’s a question! What is the funnest thing about the subject matter in the CCNA exam?

Routers, Switches, Hosts, Cables. They are all beasts.

Everything else is the study of the mannerisms, communication, rules and hierarchies that goes on between them.

They are well trained, you just have to learn how to talk to them. Configuration is not too bad as long as you know what mode to be in, what you want to do,  and make use of question mark and tab.

Cables are like children that like to have fun.

It is so much fun to personify it.

It’s fun to apply some of this stuff to real life. TCP when communicating.

I was getting my hair highlighted the day before my exam. I spent like two hours trying to explain CCNA to the hair dresser. She was fascinated and told her son to look into CCNA.

Immediate Goals: Become more immersed with Networking on the job. Then, to be the person who implements the network design. Then I would be able to get enough experience to be the person actually creating the network design for customers.

Eventually… One of these days, when I am way more experienced, and I can call myself an expert, I will absolutely enjoy teaching this stuff. There will be lots of funny voices and personification involved. BEAST MASTER TRAINING!



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