My Life Motto

Here’s my life motto with some slight alterations to relate to you. Take what helps and throw out the rest. Life is a beautiful thing. Don’t waste it away. You never know when life will be over. It is the most permanent thing and you can never go back. Tell people how you feel. Make peace where there is unfinished or unresolved conflicts. You might never get that chance again. What the hell, we have one life to live and we should live it to the fullest. And if something bad strikes you hard, just keep moving forward and don’t let it bring you down. Just keep moving forward and live your life. Never forget your objectives. Make great things happen and do great things. Don’t ever lose sight of your goals. I believe in you. Break out of the ignorance that the crowd chains you to be. Do something great. If you are depressed just keep moving forward. Don’t live for others. Live for yourself and love others. Everyday getting better and better in every way. Those who rely on forces outside of themselves are dominated by them.

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