Troubleshooting (CRAM Notes)

Troubleshooting Methodology

  • Problem Isolation – determining at what layer of the OSI model and on what device and links the problem may occur
  • Documentation – document the processes you use and the information you find
  • Resolve – find the root cause after isolation, document what happened, fix the root cause of the problem, fix the problem
  • Escalate – if you can’t fix the issue, send a written escalation to organization or third party with as much info as possible
  • Verify and Monitor – carefully verify and monitor your solution to ensure the issue are tury resolved

OSI Model

  • It is important to follow the OSI model using either a top down or bottom up approach depending on specific issues.
  • Review
    • Application
    • Presentation
    • Session
    • Transport
    • Network
    • Data Link
    • Physical

Please     Do     Not     Throw     Sausage     Pizza     Away

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