How to be Poor

Shopkick – Points for gift cards on a scavenger hunt while walking around shops. No money spend needed.

Ibotta – rebates and coupons on your purchases.

Walmart App – sends you gift card with the difference if they find it cheaper in a week.

Wikibuy – Coupon codes generated for online shopping, also tells you if you can get it cheaper somewhere else

Car Parts – wholesale prices on otherwise expensive car parts.

Amazon Coupon Codes and Reviews – review for codes for free or discounted stuff. always check your email and follow instructions.

Always have direct deposit a portion of you check to a saving account that’s hard for you to easily access.

Work at home. Jobs like telenetwork, or if you can type fast, do the CC on

Sell your services –

Be an uber driver.

Sell your crap.

Dropship with,, etc.

Cut costs, you don’t need cable, always ask for lower prices, call up brands you like and give them a compliment, they typically send vouches for free stuff or coupons or gift cards.

Take advantage of your warranties.


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