Network Fundamentals – (CRAM NOTES)

OSI – Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data Link, Physical

TCP/IP – Application, Presentation, Transport, Internet, Network Interface

Physical – Defines the electrical and Physical apps.

Data Link – Detects/corrects errors found at physical. Defines layer 2 protocols to establish and terminate a connection between two physically connected devices.

Network – Provides for logical network addressing, arp, to resolve layer 3 ip address to layer 2 mac ethernet address on lans.

Transport – Controls reliability of communication flow control mechanisms, TCP, for reliability, UDP for unreliability

Session – Controls connection between two systems it establishes, manages, and terminates connection between local and remote systems.

Presentation – layer ensures that network formats are converted in a way that application layer can understand them.

Application – services for end user apps so that communication with another app across network is effective

Data and header info are built at each of the layers.


Segments – Application

Packets – Presentation

Frames – Transport

Bits – Network Interface




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