Subnetting – Notes, Images, Videos

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Best Video for Learning Subnetting




A – Private – Not routable on the internet

  •  Range: 1-127
  • CIDR: /8
  • N.H.H.H
  • 0


  • Range: 128 – 191
  • CIDR: /16
  • –
  • N.N.H.H
  • 10


  • Range: 192 – 223
  • CIDR: /24
  • –
  • N.N.N.H
  • 110


Bit Values

128     64     32     16     8    4     2     1


CIDR – how many bits on. each x is a bit

Network is everything that is on.

Host is everything that is off.

Hosts are numbers on the right subtract 2.

Subnets are from left to right and count how many bits.


Example Breakdown: /27

255 . 255 . 255.  111|00000

1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0

|128 64 32|

32 is increment



x.x.x.96 +31 = 127

96 subnet

broadcast 127


Examples Breakdown:


2 4 8 16 32 64 128

512 – 2 = 510



BIT =  Decimal

1    =    128

2    =    192

2    =    224

4     =   240

5     =   248

6     =   252

7     =   254

8     =   255


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